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Uniselinus is Accredited by WRCDE

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The World Council for Regular and Distance Education (WCRDE) is an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization for individuals, schools, institutions/colleges, universities, publications and the regular, open and distance education community, and is open to all schools, educational institutions/colleges, universities.

The organization mainly functions to develop education quality standards that aim at making the development of all educational sectors. The WCRDE is first internationally renowned accreditation and membership council for education community which intends to operate of international agency to introduce the WCRDE certification for education quality standards.

The well-defined and objective of WCRDE's accreditation and membership brings independent information to both students and education professionals.

Accreditation and membership through WCRDE will help students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help a individual, school, institution/college, university, publication, training provider or distance education provider demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution. WCRDE international accreditation and membership allows students to gain a realistic and honest picture of what an institution is really like in terms of quality, resources, student support and ethics.

The WCRDE has a partner status with International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum -INPPRF, and International Student Exchange Cards India Limited. WCRDE main aim is to promote quality education throughout the world and use of new idea and innovation. The WCRDE is supporting all Government Education systems, norms and regulations and code of ethics.

 Uniselinus is Accredited by QAHE International

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International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE) is an independent, private and international organization which is funded through fees charged for its accreditation services to Certification Bodies and Training Organizations.. We use our expertise to support the development of quality assurance systems worldwide. As the accrediting agency has grown in size and complexity, the quality assurance systems have evolved and, progressively, tasks are articulated and delegated, with official certifications.

Besides traditional higher education, distance education, vocational education and the need for recognition of prior learning are all important subjects in the field of higher education. The drastic change in higher education requires QAHE to enhance the quality assurance mechanism.

QAHE recognizes higher education institutions for research performance, student services and teaching quality to value the confidence of the public. Our accreditation of higher education institutions is a voluntary and non governmental process of quality assurance and institutional development.