Diploma Specialist & Expert Online a distanza

Diploma Specialist & Expert Online via distance learning

The specialist diploma or online expert through distance learning offers professional training and continuing education for a specific job competence. This type of diploma is very useful for students who choose the way of professional work.

Often, young and old, they need to achieve a specialization to complete their training in a specific professional field.

It is not unusual that during the performance of one's work, a supervisor is assigned new tasks, or that new jobs are opened in the office or factory. It can happen that an employee encounters unknown tasks when he changes a job or moves to another place within the same job. The specialist and online distance learning diploma is designed to provide employees with the know-how required by a wide range of specialized professions and tasks.

The difference between the specialist diploma and online expert through distance learning programs is based on the amount of continuing education credits required.

In today's competitive world, it is necessary to acquire specific knowledge and skills to quickly prepare for new professional challenges. The specialist - expert Diploma are designed precisely for this. They provide 15 to 21 academic credits, between 200 and 300 hours of study, of preparation in all major studies

Diploma Specialist & Expert
Based entirely on texts and research. 2) Mixed: texts, researches and credits from prior learning. 3) APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) based on the evaluation of the CV of the candidate taking into account the professional activities and skills of the candidate.

Diploma Via Distance Learning
Specialist Diploma 21 academic credits above a Secondary School. Expert Diploma 15 academic credits. Duration ranges from 2 to 6 months in relation to the candidate's CV and the admissions system.
Program Structure: A) 100% based on textbooks (ordinary). B) 50% based on textbooks 50% credit earned by prior learning. C) 70% by APEL (accreditation Prior Experiental Learning) 30% final dissertation.
Admission is open for adults over 23 years of age with 1 years of professional experience for APEL