Prof. Dr. Nicola Muscogiuri

Associate professor
Expertise area

International Economics,  Law, Political Science.

Prof. Dr. Nicola Muscogiuri was born on July 25, 1975.  In 2000 he graduated in International Economics at the University of Roskilde (Denmark) under the guidance of Professor Bruno Amoroso and in 2006 he graduated in Law at the University of Salento, both with the highest grade Magna cum Laude.
In 2008 she obtained a PhD in Political Science - International Relations at the aforementioned University of Roskilde with the highest grade. He collaborated with the Centre for Economic Studies "Federico Caffè".  He dedicated himself to the drafting of the IV and V Report on the Mediterranean, for the CNEL in Rome.
He published for Aracne Editrice "Le politiche attuali dell'UE e l'apertura dello spazio Euro- mediterraneo nel 2008 e" La globalizzazione nell'Africa dell'ignoto" in 2010.
He currently holds the position of Dean of the Faculty of International Economics at "UniVolta" (Switzerland) and is a member of the Milan Bar Association.