Dr. Alessandra Scarabello PhD

Associate professor
Expertise area

Health Science, Dermatology, Vulnology, Oncology, acupuncture, laser therapy, scientific dissemination

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the age of 24 years Com Laude. PhD in Dermosciences: Dermatological immunology and allergology, Postgraduate course and univesitary master in acupuncture and laser therapy, management of complex health care facilities.
He has carried out research experiences in Italy and in various other countries, with the application of innovative therapies in dermatology, vulnology, and skin regeneration. He has carried out integrated management protocols and multidisciplinary diagnostic-therapeutic pathways. He carries out a wide range of clinical-scientific activities in the field of dermatological diseases and non-invasive diagnostic methods. He is currently responsible for the dermatology service at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases "Lazzaro Spallanzani" - IRCCS in Rome. Author of numerous publications a field dermatological and chapters of books on internal medicine, dermatology and oncology. He is a member of the editorial board of dermatological journals and an expert reviewer of scientific articles. She has received important scientific and social awards and recognitions at national and international level.