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Selinus University of Science and Literature has the WCI (World Certification Institute) accreditation

Selinus University is globally accredited by the WCI (World Certification Institute), a leading global certifying body that grants credential awards to individuals besides accrediting educational institutions and organizations. The WCI accredits courses and study programs delivered by universities, colleges, schools, professional institutions and training companies.

WCI has accredited Selinus University of Science and Literature after carefully reviewing, validating and authenticating its study programs. The World Certification Institute examined the following parameters: course content and duration, teacher qualifications and expertise, financial strength and integrity of course providers, available facilities and resources, delivery and assessment method and most importantly the titles relevance to professional and career development, in line with Selinus University's mission. The WCI Board has recognized that Selinus University's programs of study are up to global educational standards and conferred accreditation. University is not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education.

The accreditation process is non-governmental and it is a voluntary, self-regulatory process to ensure the academic quality of educational institutions. There are no worldwide accreditation standards. Accreditation does not correspond to legality or recognition, but is a non-governmental and voluntary quality standard. Selinus University's higher distance education is accredited by recognized bodies or members of private international bodies and meets the educational quality standards of these organizations.

Selinus University is certified ISO 9001:2015

In January 2022, the Selinus University of Science and Literature obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification on quality management. In order to get this kind of certification, institutions undergo strict compliance checks by an accredited certification body. Those aimed at verifying Selinus University quality procedures and options for its students.
The ISO 9001 standard is defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and outlines the requirements for quality management systems within organizations and companies in both the private and public sectors. It consists of a series of standards, which can be applied to various processes within organizations. Specifically, the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard is valid for three years and it is issued by the QS Quality Services Certification Body accredited by ESYD with annual maintenance inspections.

What guarantees does ISO 9001 certification offer?

The ISO 9001 certification means for us to focus on the students and their satisfaction so as to place them at the center of Selinus University activities and processes. Thus, Selinus proves its quality management system, analyzing and understanding needs and expectations of its students. Besides that, it guarantees its services features by performing nonstop monitoring. It prevents discrepancies and adopts improvement procedures, through internal inspections.

Selinus cooperates with the California University CFE for the issuance of the equivalent degree in the USA.

Thanks to this partnership, a validation procedure of the credits obtained allows Selinus University students to obtain the equivalent US Degree.
California University FCE is a unified assessment organization that works in unison with other social service agencies, nonprofit corporations and associations. CUFCE helps US citizens and non-US citizens achieve their American dream.
California University FCE is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Act for public and charitable purposes and is subject to California Franchise Tax Exempt Status. It is registered with the State of California Registrar of Deeds. California University FCE has applied for and been granted a five-year renewable institutional registration by the Registrar of Los Angeles County, California, current registration number: 20100880209.
Selinus University graduates can apply to CUFCE to obtain the Dual degree. Please, contact the Secretariat for further information.


Very rarely our students, that are managers, professionals and entrepreneurs, need to obtain licenses or transfer academic credits to/from other institutions; most of the times they already have a degree and are established professionals. However, in the United States, many licensing authorities require accredited degrees as a basis for licensing. In some cases, accredited universities may not accept non-accredited universities degrees for transfer courses and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for employment eligibility.

Selinus University respects the specific rules and regulations of each country and does not seek to influence the respective authorities.

In the event that a potential student wishes to enroll at Selinus University in order to access a governmental process of public or state employment using the degree obtained at Selinus University, we recommend that the requirements of such a process are explored in detail with the relevant authorities in one's country to assess whether the degree is useful for one's purposes, as the university does not intervene in such processes.


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