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Selinus University is accredited by WRCDE (World Council for Regular and Distance Education) and AAHEA (American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation). Moreover, its PhD programs are accredited by the WCI (World Certification Institute). Selinus University is also a member of CECOM (Council for Education in the Commonwealth) and USDLA (United States Distance Learning association).

Private Universities all over the world respond to different rules and inspection bodies (which may be public or private). Those are established for each country only. When it comes to education, every State adopts a different control policy which is enacted on different levels. It should be observed, anyway, that post-secondary institutions are allowed to operate with a considerable degree of autonomy.

In the United States, for example, accreditation is awarded by non-governmental agencies. That remains a strictly voluntary choice. Nowadays, many top-rated Colleges and Universities, perfectly legitimate and legal, operate without any accreditation at all. In the US, many state authorities require governmental accredited degrees in order to issue licenses. In some cases, governmental accredited colleges do not accept credits transfer from an unaccredited institution and some companies may require accredited degree when recruiting their employees. Selinus University is not accredited by governmental accreditation institutes; it has chosen to remain a non-accredited free and private institution. That might be critical for students willing to work in the fields of law, education, medicine and other areas that require state licensing. Therefore, prior to enrolment, we invite you to make sure that you have valued properly your potential degree use.

It is important to bear in mind that each accreditation agency has its own standards; usually, that means no consistency among them in terms of institutional accreditation. Selinus University of Sciences and Literature is not an American University, nor English or European. It is a free international private university within the Commonwealth of Dominica State. Its aim is to seek to improve and to enhance individuals’ human and civil progress by recognizing their social and professional skills through academic qualifications. There might be formally accredited public universities with modest prestige, and at the same time, there might be non-accredited private online universities with high academic prestige. Being a voluntary process, accreditation does not necessarily measure the university standards and it does not necessarily show its study programs high quality or the value of its students.

Selinus is as a commercial and private university grounded on the job market concept as evaluation criteria for its courses.

Any private company is free to make its own assessments and to choose employees or management staff from public or private institutions study backgrounds. That depends on the company needs as well as on the academic prestige of the university that issued the degree; surely not on its accreditation. Undoubtedly, Selinus University cannot offer online degree courses in disciplines such as medicine, law or other sensitive areas of society that require state licensing and full-time classroom-based lectures. Those study fields demand traditional university applications. Selinus University has NO CHEA accreditation.



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