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Selinus University is accredited by WRCDE (World Council For Regular and Distance Education), AAHEA (American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation) and QAHE (Quality Assurance Higher Education). In addition, his PhD programs are accredited by the WCI (World Certification Institute). Selinus University is also a member of CECOM (Council for Education in the Commonwealth) and USDLA (United States Distance Learning association).

In the field of university studies, each country has its own rules and inspection bodies which may be public or private. States take on varying levels of control with regard to education, but in general, post-secondary institutions are allowed to operate with a considerable degree of autonomy.

In the United States, for example, accreditation is awarded by non-governmental agencies. It is a strictly voluntary choice and many legitimate and legal Colleges and Universities of the highest quality operate without any accreditation at all. Selinus University is not accredited by a recognized accreditation body. In the United States, many government authorities require accredited degrees as the basis for issuing licenses. In some cases, accredited colleges do not accept transfer credits from an accredited institution and some companies may require recruits to have an accredited degree. Selinus University has chosen to remain a non-accredited free and private institution. That may be a determining factor for students intending to work in the field of law, teaching, medicine, and other fields that require state licensing, so before you proceed with registration please make sure that you properly evaluate what use you intend to make of the qualification.

Each accrediting agency, however, has its own standards and so there is no national consistency in terms of institutional accreditation.  Selinus University of Sciences and Literature is not an American University, nor is it English or European. It is a free international private university, incorporated, as a limited company, into the State of the Commonwealth of Dominica, whose aim is to seek to improve and to enhance human and civil progress of individuals by recognizing their social and professional skills with an academic qualification. There may be traditional accredited public universities with modest prestige, and at the same time there may be non-accredited private online universities with high academic prestige. Being a voluntary process, accreditation does not necessarily measure the standards of a university and is not necessarily indicative of the high quality of the course or the value of the students.

In commercial and private universities such as Selinus, recognition of the value of courses comes from the jobs market. A private company is free to make their own assessments and to choose employees or management staff from public or private institutions. This depends on the needs of the company and the academic prestige of the university, and not on its accreditation. Of course, Selinus University cannot offer online degree courses in disciplines such as medicine, law, or other sensitive areas of society that require state licensing and full-time classroom-based lectures. If you wish to study these disciplines, please apply to a traditional university. Selinus University have NO CHEA accreditation.