Lets talk about us

Selinus University

Our university is an institution free and private. It is legally registered as ibc in the state of the Commonwealth of Dominica and in in Italy as a permanent establishment. It is an independent international university exclusively involved in Online and Distance Learning education: in other words an open university for adults who carries out his institutional work seriously.

Our adult students work very hard in order to obtain their degrees. This university is not and has never been a degree mill and we will instantly reject such applications . Our main emphasis has always been to offer the highest quality of education to our adult students. Degrees conferred by Selinus University have been internationally recognized by the private sector and accepted by multinational businesses.

About the accreditation, especially for students from the USA, we never tire of explaining reality system. Earning an accreditation in the United States is voluntary & nongovernmental. Schools request to be evaluated and/or have their programs evaluated by an independent accrediting agency. The agency sets its own standards that the school must meet in order to earn their accreditation, and since accrediting agencies vary in their quality standards, some are considered more prestigious than others. Which one a school chooses depends on what standard of quality the school hopes to achieve and to maintain.

Schools usually familiarize themselves with the agency’s standards well ahead of time and spend several months preparing for their accreditation review. If they pass the review and earn accreditation, it is an endorsement of their school as a legitimate institution of higher education that meets an acceptable level of quality. Some schools may include their accreditation status in the college information they present to potential students.

Just as there are recognized accrediting agencies, there are unrecognized agencies. This simply means that their standards have not been reviewed by the Department of Education or by CHEA. There are a variety of reasons why an agency may be unrecognized. For example, the agency may be working toward recognition with the Department or CHEA, or it may not meet the criteria for recognition by either organization. Whatever the reason, it’s important to keep this in mind when exploring college info.

You should view unrecognized accrediting agencies with caution until you can evaluate their reputation. An unrecognized agency doesn’t necessarily have low standards of quality, but it is important to know that many U.S. employers only recognize degrees from institutions accredited by a recognized agency.

For this reason, our University only accepts students who are already established professionally. Our students use the degree, not to find work, but to legitimize their professional role, which is already engaged successfully. With a degree from the University Selinus earns esteem, respect and prestige, and often improves one’s social standing and working.