The degree for the job

Debate - Opinions and insights

Since its foundation, Selinus University has been concerned with the opinions of students and those who have approached our alternative system. The unique characteristics of our distance degree programs often cause confusion, especially in those people who are not involved in deepening our learning system and our mission, fundamental elements to understand our educational reality.

In the web our reputation is very high and the reviews are always very positive, this is due to the fact that students, professionals, managers who have had the opportunity to compare with us, have recognized our professionalism, operational transparency, as well as the real alternative to the traditional academic system.

Of course, we can't expect everyone to agree with our study systems or the pedagogical methods adopted by Selinus University. So, when we read or listen to people who question our integrity, our organization, our validation methods, we understand all positions because it is right for everyone to have their own ideas. In fact, it's a matter of opinion.

Probably, any review or opinion about Selinus University, positive or negative, comes from a good intention to protect students. We firmly believe in freedom of expression, but not in the publication of misleading and erroneous information about our institution for distance learning. Therefore, we are open to providing any information, of any kind, regarding Selinus University.

It is quite normal for there to be different opinions in the debate about alternative educational institutions, especially when it comes to accreditation.  Over the years of activity, Selinus University has faced improper comments and opinions, but has always provided evidence demonstrating our legitimacy, guarantees of consumer protection, appropriate information for students wishing to enrol, useful information on the correct use of a degree obtained in an international commercial university such as Selinus University.  Often people who are sceptical have changed their opinion towards us, other times they have remained sceptical about systems for distance learning.

Selinus University is first of all an institution reserved for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who already have a specific competence acquired over years of professional activity.  A distance learning course is based on two factors: first, a personalized program designed to meet the aspirations and educational needs of individual students through a serious process of professional recognition.  Second, an efficient assessment of the student's CV and subsequent certification of skills.
Subsequently, the implementation of a distance learning process through the evaluation of reports, reports, theses, work done at home. These elements do not fall within the criteria and standards established by a Ministry of Education, which explains why a distance learning degree from Selinus University is considered non-formal and is not officially recognized. But this does not mean that a degree from Selinus University is of no value. An account is the "government value", an account is the "value in itself", that is the competence behind the degree itself.

If that is not the case, we should admit that any course of study carried out by specialized training institutions, private schools, business schools, corporate universities etc. is worthless. We believe that there is a "value in itself".  A value, professional, scientific, humanistic, literary. A value of knowledge of the people who have studied and trained, even in the non-academic field and who deserve to see their experience certified, provided that this happens with transparency and in compliance with the law.

Today, a formal educational institution regulated at the governmental level cannot offer a distance degree program that offers operational flexibility or that recognizes the professional experience of a student. It is clear that a government must have a useful standard for all’and for all that is valid.

The efficiency, accessibility and pedagogical innovation offered by a distance learning institution such as Selinus University belong to another experience. All this is normal. A government program must be rigid and stringent and cannot derogate from an education system implemented in a state. But at the same time, it must be admitted that an educational institution, even if not recognized, can do serious work and can provide quality education.

Ultimately, Selinus University is a distance learning provider with headquarters abroad and a Permanent Establishment in Italy. For maximum transparency, it is registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, has an Italian VAT number and pays taxes in Italy. It is based on the USA and British Commonwealth system and issues Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees.  The authorization to operate as a Commercial University comes from the Ministry of Economy of the Commonwealth of Dominica where it is registered as IBC (International Business Corporation).


The degree for the job

Successful completion of a distance learning program at Selinus University demonstrates an unquestionable level of willpower, responsibility, motivation and self-improvement that is highly appreciated by the best companies. Today, most modern companies believe that a distance degree course is as valid as a degree obtained by attending classes on campus. Also because, no company employs only on the basis of an academic title, but is based on a very thorough knowledge of the candidate. In addition, the skills demonstrated through the completion of a distance degree course are highly appreciated in the workplace.

A distance learning university like Selinus University is recommended as an alternative to the Campus study system. For adult working students, who cannot afford to leave work and/or families, and who do not require the social experiences that a university campus normally offers, a distance degree program from Selinus University may be exactly what they need. A distance learning university should not, under any circumstances, be perceived as a substitute for traditional education; it is rather an alternative. An institution that offers distance learning provides a convenient educational experience, but also requires a greater degree of self-motivation and self-discipline. Many human resources departments have a high regard for those employees who can achieve a distance learning degree.