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How to study at the Selinus

How to study at the Selinus University

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Studying at Selinus University consists in the reading and report writing of established textbooks. You will find Selinus and Pedagogical University guidelines in our Website at the link "pedagogy".

Adult students can enrol in A.P.E.L program (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning). This program is reserved for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, officials, writers, artists etc. aged 25 at least and having a high school diploma; another requirement is a three years’ minimum work experience in the chosen field. 30 years is the miniAdult students can enrol in A.P.E.L program (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning). This program is reserved for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, officials, writers, artists etc. aged 25 at least and having a high school diploma; another requirement is a three years’ minimum work experience in the chosen field. 30 years is the minimum age for a PhD.

Our Degree

1) Bachelor of Arts or Science. The Bachelor corresponds to the three-years undergraduate study degree in the international system. However, some universities may also award annual or two-years Bachelors as per each country legislation.

2) Art or Science Master. It usually lasts two years and contains different majors. A specific title is reserved to economics: Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

3) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). It is the highest achievable academic degree in the international education system; it is the only obtainable doctorate via Distance Learning.

Selinus University is accredited by the HLACT (Higer Learning Accreditation Consultant & Training, UK), a prestigious international institution with high levels education standards, and by the WRCDE (World Council for Regular and Distance Education), another prestigious international organization. Selinus has no CHEA Accreditation.

An easy enrolment:

You can either enter the specific website link or send an e-mail to asking for the application form; you may also attach your CV, indicating the desired program: Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) – Master of Arts (MA) – Master of Science (MSc) – Master of Business Administration (MBA) – or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Usually, the candidature processing time takes from 5 to 10 days. Once the CV is analysed, Selinus University will issue an official acceptance certification: the “Provisional Certificate”; it indicates the amount of credits earned by the student from the previous academic career (when it is the case), the credits that are validated for work experience, and the amount of credits needed to complete the distance program and get the required title. The “Provisional Certificate” does not involve any commitment for the student and it also highlights the study program overall cost. The “Provisional Certificate” allows the student to know in advance and with no commitment what is the exact amount of required credits, the study program estimated time and its overall cost. 

The credits obtained by the student for his/her professional experience are indicated by the acronym A.P.E.L (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning); instead, the credits from other universities are indicated by the acronym OCC (Other College Credits).

Formalization of enrolment and costs:

Together with the “Provisional Certificate”, the student receives the following documents: “Application form” and “Payment Plan”. In order to confirm registration, the student has to return the Application and the Payment Plan duly filled in and signed. Payment should be done within 45 days from the official enrolment. The enrolment process is officialised within a period ranging from 6 to 12 working days; after that, the new student will be sent a “Certificate of Enrolment” (registration) and a “Personal Student Card”: he/she is officially a student of Selinus University. As soon as the tuition fee payment (according to the chosen mode of payment) is verified, the student receives a personalized study program. SUSL has developed a cancellation policy as well as a refunding program in case of cancellation. You can check this policy on our website. The programs costs are determined by the credits number required to complete them.

The Bachelor requires 120 SUSL credits equal to 60 ECTS (Europe) or 120 (USA) to be earned over high school graduation or equivalent education. The cost of each credit is USD/EURO 70,00.

The Master takes up to 40 SUSL credits over the Bachelor. The cost to the individual credit is USD/EURO 150,00.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) requires 65 SUSL credits over the Master. The cost of individual credit is USD/EURO 170,00.

Credits that students have obtained in other universities or student’s CV validated credits are obviously deducted from the total cost. For instance, the Bachelor costs EUR/USD 8.400,00 (120 credits for 70 USD/EURO). If the student gets 70 credits from his/her professional experience, the program will cost only USD/EURO 3.500,00 (that is the 50 missing credits for 70 USD/EURO each).

It is possible to get a 20% discount for the multi-program: Bachelor + Master’s Degree or Master’s degree + Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Costs invoice

The degree is awarded by Selinus University of Sciences and Literature (SUSL) and delivered to students through its subsidiary in Europe. Each payment will be certified by VAT invoice. The invoice will show the amount and the chosen study program. Expenses are deductible as “online training courses” for professionals with VAT numbers and operators. We strongly recommend to those who wish to deduct the costs of the program, to check the tax status with an accountant.

Education & Consulting

The response time to individual questions asked by students is variable. All matters relating to paper submission, doubts on the textbooks, clarifications of any kind as well as any administrative procedure should be addressed to the Secretariat. The Secretariat will forward the request to whom it may concern within the Board of Supervisors or to the person in charge. It is always possible to reach your tutor by telephone or e-mail address in the CET work schedule. Supervisors are always available to students during the thesis drafting and reports writing. Our Tutors have a specific preparation for every subjects as well as fieldwork experience.

Duration of programs

The duration of each program depends on the student. Not only his/her commitment in textbooks studying and reports writing, but also the credits amount (from work experience and previous studies) will determine the time needed to attain a degree course. After receiving the due explications, program guidelines, textbooks and other study material, it is up to the student, with the help of his/her Supervisor, to manage efficiently the time to complete the course program.
We claim adults learning rises from a sense of responsibility. No one better than an adult student knows how to best manage his/her time. Selinus University is well aware of adult students’ commitments; for this reason, we will never rush our students to submit the required reports. Nevertheless, students will never be left alone when asking for support: our Supervisors will promptly assist them.

A.P.E.L. program – Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning.

APEL is a system reserved to professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, officials, writers, artists etc. having High School diploma, 28 minimum age and 3 years of certified work experience in the chosen study branch. In order to get a PhD, 30 years is the minimum required age. The APEL program focus is the candidate’s CV evaluation. Professional experience, training courses, lectures, certifications and other qualifications, linguistic experiences, subscriptions to associations, published books and articles, other universities examinations etc. are evaluated. In some cases, prior to the program admission, an interview may be requested. Under certain conditions, APEL students having certain requirements (at least 100 UNISELINUS credits thanks to their CV) might work straight on the final thesis.


Students profile cancellation occurs when they are not able to keep up with their agreed tuition payment plan. It is necessary to submit one report a year at least in order to maintain an enrolment active. Whenever these minimum requirements are not met for any reason, students are invited to contact us so as to work out alternative solutions.

Graduation Required Documents 

Average Graduation processing time ranges from 60 to 90 days after the full reports submission or final thesis completion. Graduation days are every two months; the updated calendar will be found on the website. Selinus University offers much more than a mere title. The degree certifications provide a full report of your academic achievements giving account of earned and transferred credits besides course presentations. Recommendation letter displaying your academic commitment and professional potential can be issued on demand. Graduated students will get the original copy Degree, a copy Degree for exhibition uses, the Official Transcript and, on request, internationally notarized and Apostille authenticated.

Refund policies

Students can withdraw from the program at any time. Selinus refund policy is:
Withdrawal within 30 days since the enrollment date: 100% refund.
Withdrawal within 90 days since the enrollment date: 50% refund.
Withdrawal beyond 90 days since the enrollment date: no refund.


For any further service, please contact Selinus University Secretariat at:


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