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How to study at the Selinus

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The degree courses of Selinus University by distance consist in the study of assigned textbooks and production of Reports on the readings of textbooks carried out, according to the guidelines established by the Selinus and Pedagogical University that you can find in the link "pedagogy" of the web site of Selinus University.

Adult students can enroll in A.P.E.L (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) program. This program is reserved for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, officials, writers, artists etc. with high school diploma and at least 25 years of age and 3 years of activity Demonstrated in the study they have chosen branch. 30 years for the Ph.D.

Our Degree

1) Bachelor’s of Arts or of Science. The Bachelor, international system corresponds to the three-year degree, but there are universities with regard to the subject of study also release annual or biannual Bachelor as provided for by the legislation of each country.

2) Master, which can have different majors, usually lasts two years. The Master can be of Arts or of Science. While there is a specific title to economics which is normally a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

3) Doctor Philosophy(Ph.D). This degree is the highest academic level achievable in the international education system and is the only Doctorate obtainable via Distance Learning.

The Selinus University is accredited by the HLACT (Higer Learning Accreditation Consultant & Training, UK), a prestigious international institution with high levels of education standardization and WRCDE (World Council For Regular and Distance Education), is also a member of prestigious international organizations. No CHEA Accreditation.

Subscribe to Selinus University is very simple:

You enter the appropriate link of the site while sending e-mail to your CV. Or you send your CV via e-mail, indicating the desired program: Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) – Master of Arts (MA) – Master of Science (M.Sc) – Master of business Administration (MBA) – or Doctor Philosophy (Ph.D). Processing time: 5 to 10 days after the receipt of the CV of the candidate by the Selinus University.
Once it has been processed the CV, the Selinus University will issue a certificate for official acceptance provisional “Provisional Certificate” indicating the amount of credits earned by the student for the previous university education (when present), the eventual validation of credits for experience profession, and the amount of credits needed to complete the distance program and get the required title. In the “Provisional Certificate” that does not involve any commitment to the student, it also highlighted the overall cost of the program of study determined after evaluation of claims and any award of scholarships. The “Provisional Certificate” allows the student to know exactly, and before registration, the amount of required credits, the estimated time of completion of the program and its overall cost.
The credits obtained by the student for professional experience are indicated by the acronym A.P.E.L (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) while the credits received for examinations taken at other universities are indicated by the acronym OCC (Other College Credits).

Formalization of enrollment and costs:

Together with the “Provisional Certificate” the student receives the forms: “Application form” and “Payment Plan”. To confirm your registration, the student must return the duly completed and signed application together with the payment form with details of the mode of payment within 45 days of receipt.

The processing times for the actual enrollment ranging from 6 to 12 working days

After which the student receives a Certificate of Enrollment (registration) and Personal Student Card and officially becomes a student of the University Selinus. After verification of payment (balance or first installment according to the chosen mode of payment) the student receives personalized program of study. To ensure the student’s protection, SUSL has developed a program cancellation policy and relevant refunds after the cancellation. You can check this policy on the “degree” of our website. The costs are determined by the number of credits required to complete the degree program.

For the Bachelor requires 120 SUSL credits equal to 60 ECTS (Europe) or 120 (USA) over the high school graduation or equivalent education. The cost of each individual credit is USD/EURO 70,00.

For the Master takes up to 40 SUSL credit over the Bachelor. The cost to the individual credit is USD/EURO 150,00.

For the Doctor Philosophy (Ph.D) are required 65 credits Over the Master. The cost of individual credit is USD/EURO 170,00.

Of course, the total cost must be deducted credits obtained by the student in other universities or for the validation of your CV. As an example, the cost of the Bachelor is EUR/USD 8400.00 (120 credits for 70 USD/EURO). If the student adding his previous professional credits and get 70 credits, its course will cost only USD/EURO 3.500. 50 credits still to be gained for 70 USD/EURO.

You ‘can get discount of 20% on the entire line, starting a multi-program to get a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree or a Master’s degree and a Doctor Philosophy (Ph.D).

Invoicing of costs incurred

The degree is awarded by Selinus University of Sciences and Literature, and delivered to students through its subsidiary in Europe, which issues VAT invoice for each payment received. The invoice shows the amount and the course that is taking place. The costs are deductible as “online training courses” for professionals with VAT numbers and operators. However, those who wish to deduct the costs of the program recommend that before you check your tax status with your accountant.

Processing time and sending students from 3 to 6 weeks after the verification of the first payment.

The student office provides the student handouts, video lessons, text books for its distance preparation. The texts may be digital or paper and sent to the student by e-mail, by express courier service, or via upload in the restricted area of the website. Since each custom program, normally you can take 10 to 20 days for the determination of textbooks over the time needed for their availability at the publishing houses. For this reason, for some texts you can wait several weeks, so before you really start learning it can take 6 to 7 weeks from the inclusion. Note that a textbook does not necessarily correspond to a course. Each book may cover several courses or cover the same in whole or in part. Each time a student sends a Report or Project, receives a Control Form Exam (CFE) informing the student of its current status, the savings from the work presented, the current sum of the credits and those still needed to achieve its foreign degree.

International Assignment Form (IAF)

The evaluation of the student takes place through the realization of Reports that are requested by the Selinus University following the study of textbooks. These Reports (Examination Unit) essentially replace examinations of traditional universities and are evaluated as credits for the achievement of the foreign degree required. After receiving the required Reports, the Selinus University shall certify Credits in accordance with rules of procedure and taking into account the credits that will mature, considering the final thesis. The Credits will be kept in form IAF (International Assignment Form) with the details of the allocations of the individual Examination Unit. In other words the IAF lists the overall results of the study readings and related Reports with individual dates developed by the students (exams). The post-graduate programs, Master and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) always require the implementation of a final thesis. The thesis of Doctorate Finale (Ph.D) must be defended in person in one of the Italian offices of Selinus University or via teleconference computer.

Education & Consulting

The response time to individual questions asked by students is variable. All matters relating to the submission of written papers, doubts on the textbook or understanding, level of knowledge, etc. as well as any administrative procedure should be directed to the Secretariat. The secretariat will forward the request to the appropriate member of the Board of Advisors or instructor delegate. It is always possible in the timetable (Europe Time) communicate with your instructor via telephone provided to students or by e mail. Advisors and Instructors are always available to students, especially at the time of the realization of the thesis, but also during the development of the Reports. Our Advisors have a specific preparation in the individual subjects and their professional experience in the foreground.

Duration of programs

The duration of each program, and thus the time required to achieve the degree, depends on the commitment of the student in completing the reading of textbooks and in the performance of assigned Reports, as well as from credits obtained from experience and previous studies. After receiving all the instructions, program guidelines, textbooks and other study materials, it is the duty of the student, with the help of his Advisor, to administer the time to complete the course of their Reports with commitment and constancy.

We believe that learning for adults is based on a sense of responsibility. No one better than an adult student can decide the best way to manage and organize their time. The Selinus University, aware of the adult students commitments, will not perform pressures of any kind for the realization of the required works. But at the same it will be close with its Advisors to assist each student in the progress of his studies and the possibility of additional aid.

A.P.E.L program – Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning.

Reserved for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, officials, writers, artists etc. with High School diploma and at least 28 years of age and 3 years of activity demonstrated in the study they have chosen branch. 30 years for the Ph.D. The structure of this program is that the overall evaluation of the experience and the candidate’s CV. Professional activities are evaluated, training courses, lectures, certificates of studies and other qualifications such as certificates, etc, linguistic experiences, subscriptions to associations, published books and articles, examinations taken at other universities etc. In some cases, prior to admission to the program, it can be requested an interview. The A.P.E.L students with certain requirements that can reach at least 100 UNISELINUS credits, under certain conditions can go directly to the final thesis.


The cancellation of the curriculum can occur when you fail to make the payments provided according to the agreed payment plan option. To maintain active enrollment file must be submitted at least one report a year. When you do not meet these minimum requirements, for any reason, we invite students to contact us to develop aid programs or alternative interventions. Failure to comply with the selected payment plan can also lead to the cancellation of a distance program, for this reason, in these cases, invite students to call your Student Advisor to find together the resolution of the problem.

Documents Degree

Processing time: 60/90 days after the completion of the assigned Reports, for any project or thesis. The Selinus University offers much more than a diploma. The set of Graduate documents provide a full report of your academic achievements, credits earned and transferred, and course descriptions. Letter of recommendation with annotated your academic commitment and your professional potential. In addition, each student receives: Degree in original notarized and legalized internationally by Apostille Government. A copy Diploma for exhibition uses. Official Transcript.

For any other type of service is not listed, contact the secretariat of Selinus University: