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USA degree validation

Selinus University cooperates with the California University CFE for the awarding of the equivalent degree in the USA.

Some students wishing to work in the USA may find it difficult to have their Selinus University degrees validated in the United States.

California University's validation with the issuance of the equivalent dual degree can help. Our institution is recognised and accredited by the California University FCE in Los Angeles. Thanks to this partnership, a validation procedure for the credits obtained allows Selinus University students to obtain the equivalent US degree. California University FCE is a unified assessment organisation that works in unison with other social service agencies, non-profit societies and associations and helps US and non-US citizens realise their American dream.

California University FCE is organised under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Act for public and charitable purposes and is subject to California's Franchise Tax Exempt Status. It is registered with the Registry of Deeds of the State of California. California University FCE has applied for and received a five-year renewable institutional registration from the Registrar of Los Angeles County, California, with the current registration number: 20100880209.

Selinus University graduates can have their degree validated in the USA and obtain a double degree. For further information, please contact the Secretariat at:



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