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Top Professionals

The Selinus University, convinced of the fundamental importance of the value of each individual and of his practical experience, in life and in the world of work, admits to APEL and VAT degree programs  candidates possess excellent basic training in their field and they can demonstrate that they have been working professionally at a high level for at least five years.

People who have reached high professional standards, human  and civil and possess a significant cultural back-ground obtained through private studies, professional activity and experience, those who perform a high-level professional activity, have the right to verify your eligibility and obtain , from Selinus University, in relation to its work operating segment, a prestigious degree.

In 2002 the European Council  created the VAE (Validation des Acquis de l’Experience) that mandated (article L 613-3) European Universities to grant partly or totally regular degrees based on work experience through a jury of University professors. Many were doubtful of the reality or acceptance of the European VAE. Today’s Universities, Institutes of Higher education & Foreign governments accept  the VAE and its equivalency as part of their own National degrees.

Selinus University also evaluates and awards academic credits for prior experiential learning based on guidelines recommended by Council for Advancement of Experiential Learning (CAEL) and European Guidelines. Based on the above ,the University’s Evaluation and Admissions Council  may grant higher  degrees to suitably qualified applicants with relevant professional experience that conforms to  the European “Bologna Declaration” adopted by European Countries.  APEL and VAE based degrees are awarded to individuals of merit who have a distinguished record in their field of endeavor.  APEL applicants, normally honourable and distinguished members of their community, will be required to submit a detailed CV with supporting documents.

Unlike other professional degrees where students have to pursue a full program of study, the APEL- based degree , is not meant as a “working” degree, but as an “acknowledgment of achievement” degree .This will be  clearly stated in the graduate’s transcript.  For an APEL-based degree, there are no courses or grades listed.

In a number of cases  the applicant’s work experience and credits attained elsewhere are  sufficient to  earn the required  number of credits for the immediate award  of a degree ( minimum age of admission to 30 years). In other instances it may be necessary  either to submit a dissertation of 40/70 pages on a topic related to the applicant’s area of expertise or to take a number of courses by Directed Coursework Study under the guidance  of a university accredited supervisor.

If you want to be considered for a program APEL – VAE, please sent your detailed CV (studies, work, profession, cultural experiences, training courses, lectures, etc.) will be the responsibility of the Selinus UNiversity to make an assessment and inform you if your profile is suited to this degree granting program. If so, you’ll get a “provisional” document with credits earned with your CV and amounts still to be gained.

(No application will be considered until  your CV are received at the Registry.

Please send your CV by e-mail to: