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Study method

Study method

Selinus University of Sciences and Literature education system is specifically built for adult students; that means that all courses are based on tailored “teaching units” consisting of texts, handouts, lectures, video courses and e-books. Traditional exams are replaced by short learning reports (Examination Unit) developed as mini dissertations.

Each study subject material is selected to encourage critical thinking and empirical approach. A specific pedagogical method is implemented to support adult students, often engaged with work and family commitments. Our goal is to promote critical thinking skills in our students, allowing them to become familiar with conscious study while approaching recommended books and video lessons. Our success would be to promote an improvement in our students’ intellectual capacities on one hand, and to boost combined writing projects elaboration on the other hand.

Selinus learning method leads students to set a specific personalized learning program under their Tutor supervision and with no pressures. Acquisition will be balanced by study time availability and goals to be reached. In Selinus the student is not compelled to any specific deadlines. He/she can read textbooks and watch all video lesson again and again, discovering his/her own personal learning method. Moreover, he/she can consult his/her Supervisor at any time for help and clarification.

Selinus’ goal is not to convey information to students and evaluate how that process is carried out; a mere notions memorizing approach is not what we wish our students to pursue: spreading a mind critical approach is what really matters in our opinion. Only a conscious and mindful study approach will be the effective life model for whatever social, human and civil need.

In other words, Selinus pedagogical methods aim to adjust our students’ life and work experience to educational contexts in order to improve their intellectual skills and global self-assessment. That is the key to their intellectual and professional goals achievement.

Selinus credits validation is partly linked to the evaluation of the students’ work experiences and partly determined by the students’ Reports evaluation.

Selinus University students are adults professionally committed. To enroll, you need to be 23 years old for ordinary programs and at least 25 for APEL programs. To enroll in a PhD program, 30 years is the required minimum age.


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