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Hassan Mohammadi Nevisi PhD
Associate professor
Expertise area

Law, Legal Studies, Criminal Law, Criminology, Islamic Studies.


Diploma of Humanities at Farhang High School ( Iran – Qom ).  Diploma of Completion of discontinuous , Bachelor's Degree of Law at University of Tehran, Iran 3. Diploma of Completion of discontinous, Master's Degree of Criminal Law & Criminology at Islamic Azad University, science and research branch of Teheran. 4Doctor of Philosophy- PhD, Legal Studies, Social and Human Studies School ( Atlantic International University ).


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Contact info

  • Selinus University of Sciences and Literature Ltd
    8, Copthall, Roseau Valley
    00152, Commonwealth of Dominica
  • IBC ACT 1996 – registrazione N° 17821
  • +39 0932 51 89 85

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