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Selinus University is an international institution having its legal head office in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Its distance learning programs are distributed by Uniselinus Europe ltd in London, its granting global licensee. Selinus University of Sciences and Literature is a non-governmental organization for adult international students, among which professionals and entrepreneurs. Our study programs are delivered through the Internet using distance teaching system: e-mail, international courier, video telephone systems, etc.

Selinus operates with full legal authority and accepts students from all over the world. Prior to enrolment, potential students are informed both about our study systems and its degrees’ academic qualifications value. Selinus University of Sciences and Literature holds a Certificate of Incorporation and a Certificate of Good Standing from the Commonwealth of Dominica Government.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a member of the British Commonwealth, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and UNESCO. Under its laws on academic qualifications and university business, Selinus is legally authorized to carry out private international post-secondary educational institution activities; accordingly, it is allowed to confer degrees up to doctoral level. Selinus University of Sciences and Literature Ltd has its registered offices in Roseau Valley, Commonwealth of Dominica; however, it does not offer educational activities within the State of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Selinus is a private university that is not part of the Commonwealth of Dominica nor other education systems. Therefore, it does not issue state diplomas and does not access any state funding for its educational activities. Dominica International Private Commercial Universities operating outside the country are exempted by law and remain under Registrar of Companies responsibility rather than under Ministry of Education’s, dealing the latter exclusively with purely national institutions.

Important note

For the purpose of maximum operational transparency and as required by international law, Selinus University legally distributes its programs worldwide through Uniselinus Europe Ltd, its global licensee based in London (UK).

For operational opportunity reasons, it has adopted the two most important evaluation systems for higher education in the world: the USA GAAP system (Generally Accepted Accrediting Practices) and the European ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System). However, Selinus University has preferred to remain a free and private institution and, in terms of accreditations, it uses the APEL system (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) to maintain the necessary flexibility of an institution for adult.

As a result, it has no governmental accreditation in Dominica or anywhere else. All its accreditations come from private bodies and agencies, whose standards are determined by their own internal legal systems. The recognition of Selinus University qualifications is completely discretionary and up to institutions, public and private companies, multinationals, NGOs, and employers in general.


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Contact info

  • Selinus University of Sciences and Literature Ltd
    8, Copthall, Roseau Valley
    00152, Commonwealth of Dominica
  • IBC ACT 1996 – registrazione N° 17821
  • +39 0932 51 89 85

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