The curriculum system of Selinus University of Sciences and Literature, it is tailored to each individual student and is based on “teaching units” consisting of texts, handouts and lectures, video courses, e-books. The exams are replaced by short learning report (Examination Unit) developed as a mini dissertation.

The study materials, according to the discipline of study, are chosen and selected to encourage critical thinking and practical application of the knowledge acquired. A pedagogical method is implemented to help students adults, often engaged in work and family, to think critically and to knowledgeably address the recommended books and video lessons on the one hand by increasing their intellectual capabilities, on the other the ability to develop integrated writing projects.

An educational learning system without force that leads the student, followed by his Student Advisor, to carve out freely a specific learning program based on personal acquisitions to meet its time and achieve its objectives. In Selinus University the student has no obligations to learn right away or before specific dates. He can read her texts and review each video lesson many times, discovering their own personal method of learning. Moreover, he can consult his Student Advisor at any time, for help, clarification, support.

What is evaluated for the purpose of the curriculum is not simple information learned, because the evolution of thought the student beyond the simple view of the notional subject, must be above all a power of the value of conscience and awareness that the study is not a simple processing of more or less useful notions, as a usable model effectively for their social needs, human and civil.

In short, the pedagogical model of Selinus University is to “bring” the real experience of the student in an educational context useful in improving the intellectual capacity and its global self-assessment of their potential skill, so as to rapidly achieve their intellectual and professional goals.

The recognition of credits from the Selinus University is given in part by a “reading” of the professional critics of the student and in part by evaluating the report carried out by the student that replace traditional exams.

Students of the University Selinus are adults involved in the labor and professional world. To register you must have an age of at least 23 years for ordinary programs and at least 25 years for APEL programs for professionals. To enroll in a program to award Ph.D is required at least 30 years of age.