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Free, Independent, International

Free, Independent, International

In commercial and private universities such as the University Selinus, the recognition of the value of the studies followed, it comes from the labor market. A private company, in fact, is free to make their own assessments and to choose employees or officials from public or private institutions. This depends on the need of the company and the university’s academic prestige and not by its accreditation. No company takes an employee or an executive, only on the basis of a degree. A company, in fact, before giving a job to a person, asks one, two, three interviews. Only later, the company entered into the merits of the degree value. If you’re an idiot, you do not need anything to have a degree from the best universities.

Of course, as already noted in other pages, the Selinus University on line can not carry out study programs in disciplines such as medicine, law, or other sensitive sectors of society that require full time status licenses and mode of study in the classroom. To study these disciplines is best to turn to traditional universities.

The entire educational staff of Selinus, internationally, working to achieve quality results of studies so that they are appreciated by all public and private institutions, organizations, industries, international organizations worldwide. The non-traditional study programs, such as those performed in our institution, are very important because they recognize experience and knowledge gained outside the classroom and incorporate a broader and more comprehensive learning experience by creating, in the students, a vision in line strategic and closer to the reality of work.


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