Psychology is a relatively new science that is constantly evolving. There are many guidelines and approaches within psychology that have not been adequately addressed by traditional universities, and that can be studied through the foreign degree programs by distance learning of Selinus University . The requirements for professional practice will vary depending on the country where the activity takes place. The practice of psychology, in some countries, normally, is monitored by professional associations under the supervision, to a certain extent by the government. However, many aspects covered by the provisions of Psychology, for example Counseling, Coaching, Consulting, Neurolinguistic Programming, etc. They allow, for the professionals who have completed a foreign degree through a distance program at Selinus University, to carry out their professional activities. Needless to say, every professional who is as close to a profession that has to do with psychology, it is recommended to check whether its professional approach requires adherence to the law of his country or is subject to regulations. A foreign degree obtained at a distance to Selinus University does provide a great way to provide strong support for your career as a professional in this particular field of science.

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