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  • Distance Learning University for Adults & Professionals
    Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D.
    Degree Online via distance learning
  • Distance Learning University
    for Adults & Professionals
    Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D.
    Degree Online via distance learning



online via distance learning


online via distance learning


online via distance learning


online via distance learning

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Selinus University is an international graduate school registered in the State of Delaware (USA) and in the Republic of Panama. Its distance learning programs are distributed by its global licensee: Uniselinus Europe ltd in the UK and Uniselinus Europe Networking University Srl – Italy.

Selinus University is an institution for adult learners, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Professionals. To enter the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) by Research program, a Master's degree or equivalent degree is required. A Bachelor's degree or equivalent is required to access the Master's program.  A high school diploma or equivalent degree is required to enter a Bachelor's program.

Selinus University is not a Governmental institution and does not issue governmental degrees. All study programmes are accredited by the WCI - World Certification Institute - the world's leading credential awarding body in the global market. The WCI accreditation is in line with the mission of Selinus University that has chosen a trustworthy accreditation agency whose vision and plasticity perfectly complement and conform to the innovative and successful programmes for managers, entrepreneurs, professionals. Selinus University is also accredited member of AAHEA (American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation), recognised across the world for its life-long contribution towards advancement of Higher Education in USA and all over the world. Selinus also has the INQAHE (International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) accreditation. It is a member of ECICEL (European Centre of Independent Certification in E-Learning). Selinus University is also recognised and accredited by the California University FCE in Los Angeles for the award of the US equivalent degree. Selinus University of Science and Literature is certified ISO 9001/2015 - ISO 29990:2010 LSMS - ISO 21001:2018 EOMS.

Unfortunately, most accreditation agencies match and follow processes and requirements aimed at young students. These processes have outlived their usefulness and are in direct conflict with the mission of Selinus University. Indeed, the objective of Selinus is to offer a unique, dynamic, accessible and quality higher education to adult students who cannot follow traditional on-campus curricula but need to focus on subjects that are useful for their professional and career development.

The Selinus University degree is perfectly legal and should be understood as a facilitator of international professional employment or as an incentive for career advancement (to medium/high-level positions) in national and multinational companies and organisations. A Selinus international degree should never be considered a substitute for a traditional university one, but rather as a useful alternative, valid for many uses but not for all.


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